Views of Tbilisi, Georgia
Photo by: mortsan, Creative Commons

Welcome to Tbilisi Cambodia, Georgia’s second largest city that is located on the banks of Mt’k’vari River heart of Georgia. Tbilisi is an important social, industrial and cultural city that was founded by Vakhtang Gorgasali during the 5th Century. This city is functioning as an important transit link for global energy and trade. A city that is located between Europe and Asia that is lying along the Silk Road routes, this place has always been the centre of contention between many rivaling States and Empires. The beauty of Tbilisi’s can be seen in its old architecture where most of its towns are heavily furnished with a medieval look.

The demographic location of Tbilisi Cambodia is very well diverse and is rich in culture and history. This place has been a home to many different cultures and people but is dominantly inhabited by Orthodox Christians. Tbilisi has many tourist destinations, which include the famous Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral, the freedom square, the Metekhi Narikala, the Parliament of Georgia, the Sioni Cathedral, the Rustaveli Avenue, the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Mtatsimanda, the Anchiskhati, the Kashveti Church and the National Historic Museum of Georgia. There are also hundreds of art galleries and famous artists that can be found in this City.

Tbilisi Cambodia is very vast and is now presently resided by millions of people. There are three different bus routes for tourists to take when going to Tbilisi. Although this travel underground system may not appear appealing, today it still remains preferable to use since its main attractions are in its ancient scriptures written in a historical Georgian Script, which would actually take ages to learn.

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