Te Anau

Queenstown to Te Anau
Photo by: digika, Creative Commons

Thinking about a great nature getaway? Well, why don’t you try and experience a trip to the “Walking Capital of the World.” Here in Te Anau, New Zealand, feel free to experience the works of nature in slow motion.

So, what’s with walking, anyway? To start with, the walking tracks offered by Te Anau will give you a sense of freedom in your travel. You get to experience nature as fast or as slow as you wish it to be. Here, you will come face to face with your discoveries of snowcapped mountain peaks, rain forests, tussok clad alpine plateaus, and all the other offers of nature. You can choose to get a tour guide or grab a paper guide for you and your own team to discover yourself any walking track in Te Anau.

On these walking tracks, you can find along the way some of the most magnificent parks of Te Anau. You can see Wildlife Park, Ivon Wilson Park, and Dock Bay. In both parks you will find a variety of birds, like the parakeet, the kea, tui, kaka, takahe, and waterfowl within the mountains and a lake in the background. On the other hand, you can pack up a great picnic or swimming trip once you are at the Dock Bay.

Aside from the great walking adventures, Te Anau also offers one unique cave for tourists like you. You can visit the Te Anau Glowworm Cave, which is one of a kind in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. The journey to this cave alone is already exciting. You must ride a boat for thirty minutes on a lake to get there.

More than pleasing your eyes with the various sights here in Te Anau, you can have more adventures here other than walking. You can experience scenic flights, sea kayaking, boat cruises, underwater diving, fishing, and cycling as well. Indeed, there will always be one activity here that will suit your personality and adventure level.

Here’s an added treat for you here in Te Anau. Just like any other cities in New Zealand, the place is also home to a lot of fine restaurants where large selections of the country’s best wines are housed. You can always relax from the sightseeing and physical adventures this place has to offer in exchange for a good sip of some of the world’s best wines. Indeed, Te Anau is more than just the “Walking Capital of the World.”

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