Tela Mountainside
Photo by: b3nscott, Creative Commons

Tela is another city bay in Honduras that is one of the favourite vacation alternatives among visitors. What used to be the local headquarters of the Tela Railroad Company is now a prime beach destination in Honduras. The coastal town situated between San Pedro Sula city and La Ceiba city, encompasses three national parks, Garifuna villages and outstanding beaches which have dynamically propelled the city’s tourism for the past few years. Although a quiet place, Tela is perfect for eco-tourism enthusiasts searching for adventure tours.

Punta Sal is also a favourite among tourists. It is a Honduran National Park filled with a healthy and diverse eco-system where you can find rocky and sandy beaches, rivers, lagoons, rocky land formations, coral reefs, unexploited jungle and a hefty wildlife. All you’ll need there is a bottle of sunscreen and water, and maybe some insect repellent cream. Dolphins, monkeys, iguanas, crabs, sea gulls, unusual birds and trees are just a few of what you get to see in the Park. Punta Sal also boasts of the beautiful golden silk spider, a unique species of its kind.

The island city offers elegant accommodations through its extravagant yet budget friendly hotels such as the Tela Mar, the Cesar Mariscos, and the Maya Vista. But the Caribbean Coral Inn Bed & Breakfast is the place to stay if you’re looking for comfortable and cozy cabins, and also delicious Garifuna cuisine.

When in Tela, swimming and touring is not all that you do. Visitors may also embark on river rafting, tropical rainforest hiking and great boat excursions.

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