Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride
Photo by: Bill Lynch, Creative Commons

Telluride is considered as San Miguel County’s most populous town in years. Situated along the Southwestern part of the Colorado, Telluride became a former campsite for silver mining activities in the San Juan mountain ranges. As of 2000, the US Census Bureau estimated the town’s total population of 2,200. The American National Register of Historic Places included Telluride in their list of “Colorado’s Top 20 National Historic Landmarks” in 2001.

The town of Telluride became famous not only for its forested mountain area, but also for Bridal Veil Falls and Jet Ski jumping sites. The town also became famous for being featured prominently in the “Pop Culture” medium. For more than two decades, Telluride became the notable backdrop of many TV commercials and movies.

The town became the main subject of Tim McGraw’s compositions, Edward Abbey’s essays, and Glenn Fray’s hit song, “Smuggler’s Blues”. The town’s nearby community “Ouray” became distinguished writer Ayn Rand’s inspiration in writing books about the San Miguel County. Thomas Pynchon’s iconic masterpiece entitled “Atlas Shrugged” is said to be inspired from the historical figures that occurred in Telluride. In 1988, American writer Raymond Ring wrote a book entitled “Modern Telluride” to primarily focus on the messages pertained from Fray’s song about the Telluride Town. The Telluride Film Festival is held annually to give recognition among local residents who have gained success in the film industry. Diablo Cody, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Schwartzman, Sean Penn and Tom Cruise were among the prominent celebrities who already attended the festival.

The Telluride Ski Resort is the town’s main tourist attraction today. Hugely recognized as an “All-Ski Resort” among tourists from around the world, the Telluride Ski Resort serves as the town’s recreation spot for outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking. The Telluride Tourism Board is the resort’s sole endorser.

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