Temple of the Warriors

Temple of Warriors during the day
Photo by: jimg944, Creative Commons

The Temple shows how the early inhabitants were able to create an empire that leaves us in awe. The Temple of the Warriors is found within Chichen Itza. It is probably one of the most amazing structures at this archeological site. A lot of historians favor this structure because of what has been left for study. Here are a few interesting facts about this temple:

The Temple of the Warriors

• This temple is believed to be the only structure in Chichen Itza that is able to hold a huge gathering.

• The temple is dated between the 10th and 11th AD. It is made of four platforms flanked by 200 square and round columns on the south and west sides.

• Some of the square columns are painted in brilliants colors. It was also carved with Toltec warrior images that make it aesthetically attractive.

• The columns used are not only used for support but for other ingenious purposes. It provides the temple an area that allows easy movement. It also provides ample lighting for the area.

This amazing structure provides everyone a full view of how the Mayans lived during the early days. It also gives us an in-depth look on how creative and artistic the Mayans were. This beautiful site in the Yucatan is one of the most historical places in the world.

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