Marina in Tenby
Photo by: zingyyellow , Creative Commons

The name Tenby seems to refer to something quaint or cute but somehow traditional or old. There is something quite similar to that going on in the Welsh seaside town. The houses near the harbor are Georgian in style. Pastel and cream make up the primary colors. During the summer, the place is teeming with tourists and locals alike.

The summer scene in Tenby is overflowing with people. Young ones, especially, are on their most active during the summer. They crowd the three gorgeous beaches that surround Tenby. During the slow seasons, the town seems to be injected by tranquility. The sights and sounds are more of what you will expect of an idyllic little town hidden from people living outside of Wales.

Getting to Tenby

You may be able to reach Tenby via bus or train from nearby Welsh or English towns. You can leave from places such as Swansea and Cardigan. If you are coming from outside of Britain, you will have to take a plane to Wales first.
Accommodations in Tenby

You won’t be getting the usual hotel accommodation you are familiar with when in popular cities. In Tenby, you will get a homey accommodation. The traditional accommodation is actually better if you truly want to experience what life is like in Tenby.

Eating Out

When you eat out in Tenby, you will feel the strong family ambiance of the restaurants. Pam Pam Restaurant is a family place that boasts a mix of different dishes, from lamb to sea bass. There are cafes and ice cream parlors for those who are just looking to have a caffeine fix or a bit of a sugar rush.
So, are you set to go to Tenby? Get your camera ready to take shots of this delectable place. You will need the shots to prove that you have been to one of the most beautiful gems of Wales.

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