Tessalit Cercle, Mali
Photo by: wiki, Creative Commons

The Sahara desert has attracted many tourists from all over the world since it is the largest desert around. But travelling to Sahara is quite harsh and behind this fact, it is good to know that there is a little town in the middle of the desert that can serve as your stopover: the city of Tessalit in Mali. Tessalit is located in the region of Kidal and at the same time, it is the capital of Tessalit Cercle. Saharan travelers oftentimes visit the city in order to supply their needs, but it is also worthwhile to tour around as it is a famous tourist destination.

Since Tessalit is a stopover for Saharan travelers, many shops can be found within the town. The markets are flooded with different products from different places in Africa as the city is used for trading. While visiting Tessalit, it is recommended to tour around the various markets in the city. You can find many good products here and each is depicting the African culture. Moreover, touring around the city will also let you appreciate the beautiful Egyptian-like surroundings, so it is truly rewarding to explore the place.

Whenever you want to take a tour at Tessalit, prepare yourself for the dry hot climate of the town. Bring sun-block for protection for your skin. Most importantly, make sure to arrange your trip thoroughly so you can be delighted to enjoy a hassle-free vacation!

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