Thai Drinks

Thai iced tea is a preferred drink for hot weather
Photo by: bfishadow, Creative Commons

Because Thailand is known for hot temperature, many of its drinks are iced. Ice offers Thai people refreshing coolness. Most of the drinks and beverages in Thailand also use condensed milk as one of their major ingredients. The sweet taste of condensed milk greatly helps in battling against the heat and the many spicy foods in Thailand.

If you are thinking of creating a drink a la Thailand style, then be aware that you will need many ingredients for it. Among the most popular Thai drinks that you can prepare for yourself is Thai iced tea. You just need water, black tea leaves, sugar, condensed milk and crushed ice for its ingredients. What you need to do is to first boil the water. Once it boils, you can pour it on top of the black tea leaves in a jug or teapot. Strain it for about two minutes and add sugar before you leave it to cool. While waiting for the tea to cool, you can fill a glass or a container with plenty of crushed ice and mix the condensed milk. You can then pour cold tea in the glass or container and serve the drink.

Thai Sweet Basil Seed Drink is also among the most popular Thai drinks that you can easily make. This drink is considered by the people in Thailand as a huge help for those who want to obtain a slimmer body. The ingredients that you will need in creating this drink are sugar, water, clear honey, and Thai sweet basil seed. What you need to do is to stir sugar in water. Once the sugar dissolves, you can add clear honey and then continue stirring the mixture. You then stir in basil seeds. In order to make the most out of this drink, you have to leave it for minutes prior to drinking or before serving it to guests.

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