Ngapali Beach
Photo by: antwerpenR, Creative Commons

What could be better than experience an unspoiled beach for a vacation. With the freshness of the air and the clearness of the water, this kind of experience is one thing that can surely provide a total satisfaction. Talking about this kind of beach, Myanmar’s seaport city Thandwe has this great experience in store for you.

Called the Ngapali Beach, this is the most famous of all the Myanmar beach houses. Though this beach is not well publicized like that of the other beaches in Southeast Asia, more and more tourists are being captured by this unspoiled stretch of sand year after year. To indulge your imagination, just think of a crystal clear beach with mountains in the background. Add to this a peaceful and serene environment without much visitors being entertained. Indeed, this is one place in the world in where you can find great privacy in one of the best gifts of Mother Nature.

Moreover, aside from catering a great fresh beach to the tourist, Thandwe’s Ngapali Beach also houses several hotels to accommodate tourists like you. If you have a kick of sports in yourself, you can complete the treat in the golf course just near the beach.

However, being an isolated land, the airfare to get here in Thandwe can be pretty much expensive. But, when you come to experience the place, every cent that you spend here will be all worth it. Hence, you will have a great time on your summer vacation in a crowded beach. The goodness of this beach in Thandwe can give you a different definition of a summer vacation.

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