The Budapest Castle Hill

The Budapest Castle Hill
Photo by: kyz , Creative Commons

It is a given that Europe has the most breathtaking views and places in the world. Many influential civilizations have originated on this continent, so it would be interesting to see whether they were able to preserve their own or not.

The Budapest Castle Hill is one of the most visited spots in the continent of Europe. Besides being situated in culture-rich Hungary, the Budapest Castle Hill is itself home to many landmarks that are popular all over the world because of their beauty and implication.

The most popular of the landmarks here would be the Royal palace. It is notable for its then gothic-turned-Baroque finish. The reconstruction was done when a particular event happened which eventually destroyed much of the palace. Mary Magdalene Tower is also one popular landmark because it is the only remaining Christina church that wasn’t turned into a mosque during the Turkish rule in Hungary.

The Vienna Gate, on the other hand, was the marketplace before and can be traversed even if it is kind of steep for most people. The Budapest Castle Labyrinth is an underground spot that is recommended for family viewing, since it features elements that children would like to see (some things that appear in many games that they play, such as the aura of the area.) Other areas worth visiting would be the Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Basthion, the Sculpture of a Turul Bird and the National Gallery, which are all in the vicinity of the Budapest Castle Hill.

Coffeehouses and restaurants are also available for visitors to have a taste of what Hungary or the area of Budapest has to offer to people’s appetites. Souvenir shops are also all over the metro so that visitors will have a remembrance or a keepsake of their trip to this wonderful place in Hungary.

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