Flag of Croatia

Ever wonder what it is like to be born in medieval period, and looking forward to turn back the hands of time? Like you wanted to wear crowns, dance with the orchestrated music as you are clothed with big tulle dresses, ride on a horse, meet your knight in shining armor, and escaped your fixed marriage that was planned by your mother queen. Then here’s a country that will take you back to its historical events when you visit Croatia. This country is known to have a picturesque coastline. According to the National Geographic Channel Adventure Magazine, the perfect country for your destination is Croatia. And if you want to propose for your fiancé, this country will help you to get her “I do”. This country makes an excellent destination list addition.

In 1990 Croatia achieved their independence from Yugoslavia and the flag is composed of three parallel lines with the colors white, red, and blue. The crest that lies at the center has red and white checker pattern. The five shields crown the top of the crest, and tell the historical events of Croatia, Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Istria, and Slavonia. The colors of the flag represent red and white for Croatia, white and blue for Slavonia, while red and blue for Dalmatia. Hence, Croatia implies that bravery is greater for the nation to achieve peace. For Slavonia, everyone should prioritize calmness to have peace, while the Dalmatia – they just simply tell that greater calmness makes everyone joyful. If you sum-up these colors, the flag of Croatia is a symbol of a united country that was made of three. However, in 1995, Miroslav Krleza takes to mean that the colors convey the history of Croatia from blood of the country’s martyrs, peaceful lamb resembling nature, as well as the people’s devotedness to God.

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