The Great Mosque of Kairawan

The Great Mosque of Kairawan
Photo by: worldlearning , Creative Commons

Are you tired of all the vacation sights offering the same activities you have experienced in your previous get-away vacations? Is there a lingering feeling of void in you after engaging yourself on a typical trip? Well, if this is your case, you should plan carefully for your next vacation. Usually, a change in scenery will do the trick in helping you kill the boredom in your urban lifestyle and your repetitive trips.

The Great Mosque of Kairawan can supply you with that change. Aside from the fact that you don’t need to repeat the same stuff again, visiting this sacred place can help you find the inner tranquility within you. Next to Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina, this mosque in the African country of Tunisia is the fourth holiest place on Earth. You will enjoy the distinct calmness within its intricately designed walls, an experience you might want your vacation to have.

In addition to the soothing ambience you can feel inside its corners, the whole mosque is an architectural wonder. The ancient Arabian techniques of designing mosques are clearly seen in the facades of the structures inside, most especially in the 115-feet high minaret. The whole courtyard is also uniquely designed, from the materials used to pave it to the water-recycling methods incorporated in it. Aside from the receptive function, the courtyard is also the water collector for the mosque. The surface was angled in a way to drain the rainwater into a central filter, also with the elaborate designs. Everything inside the mosque is a definite mind reliever, especially for a busy person like you.

However, if you visit this place, you need to remember that it is still a sacred venue. Prepare modest clothes for the place unless you don’t mind using the robes offered inside for those wearing improper attires. You may also notice Muslims doing their rituals. In that case, be a humble witness and just enjoy the overall calming aura that your successful trip provides.

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