The Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament Building
Photo by: allesok , Creative Commons

Hungary is one of the countries in Europe that tourists often visit. This is true not only because of the physical beauty of the environment and the landmarks, but also because Hungary’s history is full of color that tourists are quite intrigued and interested to see. One of the landmarks that have this feature would be the Hungarian Parliament Building.

The Hungarian Parliament Building serves as the center for the National Assembly of Hungary, which is one of Europe’s longest-running legislative buildings. Moreover, it is a noteworthy tourist spot of Hungary and the city of Budapest.

The Hungarian Parliament Building can also be compared to the Palace of Westminster, since both was constructed in the Gothic Revival style. The landmark boasts a proportioned facade and a dome located in the middle. Although it was able to retain is external design, the building consists of freight elevators and semi-modern staircases for the convenience of the people working in it. The building is the second tallest in Budapest.

The building is best viewed from the outside during the nighttime. Lights from the inside are lit so that the building will look more like a tourist spot rather than an office. Moreover, it faces the Danube River, so people can view both spots at the same time.

Other features of the building include stained glass windows, the Holy Crown of Hungry which has been protected and maintained throughout the years, the hexa-decagonal central hall which is famous for its huge chambers, and the Lower House and Upper House which are still used today for important meetings and sessions.

Tourists should never miss going to this place if they ever go to Hungary. Such places full of history and color should never be left incognito by both the tourists and the people living around it.

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