The Kunthistorisches Museum

A Painter at Kunthistorisches Museum, Austria.
Photo by: Owner , Creative Commons

The Kunthistorisches Museum in Vienna is considered as one of the most important premier museums in the world. It is located near the Hofburg Imperial Palace and is the home of the Habsburg imperial collection.

The Kunthistorisches Museum was erected across the Naturhistorisches Museum and both of these museums are characterized with the same exterior.

The museum was a major museum building in the 19th century. It represents the expansion of the city and is built in the honor of Emperor Franz Joseph I.

The primary collection held by the Kunthistorisches Museum is the comprehensive collection of the Habsburg. The most important imperial dynasty of Austria has a wide collection of art and the construction of Kunthistorisches was intended to make the Habsburg art collection open to the public.

It is home to various collections that are famous in the world.

1. Egyptian and Near Asian Collection. It features a wide collection of Egyptian relics which originated from the Predynastic period of Egypt and dates back to four thousand years ago. It shows the development of the Egyptian culture in terms of history and writing and includes ancient items from the Mediterranean, Mesopotamia, as well as the Arabian Peninsula.

2. Greek and Roman Antiquities. The oldest and the most unique diversity of Greek and Roman ancient items can be found in this collection. Relics of the Bronze Age ceramics to the Early Medieval period are the most important items included in it.

3. Picture Gallery. It is the art collection of the House of Habsburg. It holds various masterpieces of world renowned artists like Raphael, Rembrandt, Velazquez, as well as Italian Baroque painters.

4. Sculpture and Decorative Arts. A unique collection of sculptures and decorations that showcases the extraordinary things that emperor’s and imperial family members have commissioned to find and purchased.

5. The Coin Cabinet. The largest and most important coin collection in the world.

6. The Theater Collection of the Austrian National Library. It is a public library that is home to the extensive book collection of Burgtheater actor, Hugo Thimig. It contains over 90,000 books and references that emphasize art, music, dance, and theater.

The Kunthistorisches Museum is a world class museum that is an experience of culture, history, and the arts in each of its corners.

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