The Marquesas Islands

The Marquesas Islands
Photo by: wikipedia, Creative Commons

The Marquesas Islands is composed of smaller island communes. It is part of the French Polynesia region – an overseas territory of France by the Pacific Ocean. One of these islands is the Ua Pou (Ua Pu to some). It is the third largest island in the Marquesas group.

This place is said to be one of the most ideal locations to spend a vacation or a honeymoon. The beautiful scenery can give you the intimate setting you need to get to enjoy each other’s company. The accommodations are fantastic and can conform to practically every need you may have. There are many activities and sights that Ua Pou can offer.

It has been said that the island of Ua Pou is the center for artistic talent. They hold a festival twice each year where the Marquesans showcase the talents they have to offer. They are well known for their dance artists and their renowned musicians. Apart from these, they also feature their tattoo arts and wood carving. As you stay in this place, you can also enjoy and take part in these activities and perhaps bring a piece of its culture home.

Archeological sites are well maintained around this area. They take great pride in what nature has gifted their island with. Among the most popular sights to see in this place is found in the center of the island. There stands four basalt peaks or pillars. From afar, these pillars take the shape of sugar loafs. These peaks overlooks the sheltered bays; this is also where you will be able to find the main village. You can enjoy hiking through these sites and take photos to be able to immortalize its magnificence. The Ua Pou island offers much experience and memories for you to build and take home to remember.

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