The McMurdo Dry Valleys

The McMurdo Dry Valleys 400
The McMurdo Valleys
Photo by: lin padgham , Creative Commons

The McMurdo Dry Valleys can be found in Antarctica and they are one of the top tourist destinations that are famous for that region. What is very interesting here is the formation of land that seems to be quite questionable since Antarctica is known for snow, snow and of course snow.

Pack your durable yet comfortable hiking boots since the Dry Valleys are best admired on foot. There are numerous tourist hot spots there where residents can give you an amazing tour around. What is remarkable with this place is the level of salt that is found in their lakes. Like the Dead Sea, the Dry Valleys of Antarctica are known for the salinity of their waters. Did you know that the waters can actually be of great help to your skin ailments? The only problem is that you are in a rather extremely cold place. Don’t let it stop you since even in our countries where the weather dips below zero, submerging in the icy water actually provides many positive benefits to your body.

Even though there are places in the Dry Valleys that are under strict protection, you can still have fun with the spectacular flora and beautiful fauna. Always remember that whenever you visit places like the Dry Valleys, always look after your trash. There are lots of tourists who tend to waste away such a serene and clean environment. Since Antarctica is the home and refuge of many penguins, they can choke on the plastic bags and soda caps left behind. The fantastic view of the snow and ice gives you many photographic opportunities while you stay there. Be proud that you have visited such a beautiful place and bring home the memories you had there.

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