The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal
Photo by: lyng883, Creative Commons

You have probably heard of or seen the Panama Canal from history books or geography classes. It is a man-made ship canal that is 77 km long and connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. Upon completion of the huge and ambitious project, the Panama Canal has enabled easier and faster maritime navigation. During its early years, one thousand ships use the canal annually and as of today, about 14 thousand ships are able to use the canal for transportation.

The 77 km stretch is a good place to add to your list of destinations when you visit Panama. During the boat ride, you can have a closer look at big cargo ships and vessels passing through the canal. Also, the boat ride can give you a taste of the wonderful flora and fauna of Panama. During the trip, you will be able to see monkeys, Tuscans, sloths, crocodiles and many other fascinating animals as well as unique vegetation. Sometimes, delightful monkeys already familiar with tourists will even interact with visitors. A rainforest feel is surely guaranteed with tours in the Panama Canal.

Having experienced the boating trip, other activities which might be of interest include swimming in the river while marveling the cascading waterfalls. For the adventurers at heart, it is also possible to experience the coolness of the water and take a shower on the falls. Kayaking is also another activity you should add to your itinerary. And who can ever forget the feeling of success when you catch a fish? These are just some of the activities you can do when you have a tour of the Panama Canal.

If you would like to have a refreshing and fun experience, visit the Panama Canal and have a great tour.

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