The Qasr Amra

The Qasr Amra
Photo by: Paul Mannix , Creative Commons

The Quseir Amra is one of the many Desert Castles in Jordan. The Castle is considered as the best known among the desert castles in the country. The Quseir Amra was built during the early 8th century by the caliph Walid I. Quaseir. Amra’s significance is due to the fact that it depicts the best example of early Islamic architecture and art. The person who discovered the ruins was Alois Musil when he found it in 1898. An Austrian illustrator who sketched the frescoes for a book has even popularized the artwork of the structure to the West.

Only the foundation of the building remains as of today and the larger complex which contains an actual castle is gone. A country cabin which serve as retreat place for the royals still stand in the area. If you pay a visit to the place, you will be able to see the notable frescoes on the ceiling. An interesting and intriguing art work of a naked woman on a bath chamber can be seen as well. Above the area is a piece of art accurately illustrating the zodiac. These are just some of the reasons why the Quesier Amra is considered as a UNESCO world heritage site. This makes the Amra as one of the three recognized by UNESCO in the country.

Aside from the great remnants, its strategic area which is close to the highway and near the city makes it a frequent tourist attraction. Its status as a world heritage site has even generated more and more visits for the place from people all over the world.

Don’t miss the Quiseir Amra if you happen to tour the country or if you are really interested in early art or archaeological treasures of the past. It will surely give you a taste of history as well as a panoramic view of the legendary Sand Castles of Jordan.

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