The Schönbrunn Palace

A view of the The Schönbrunn Palace

The Schönbrunn Palace is the former imperial summer residence in Austria. It is also a major tourist attraction that has captured the hearts of crowds who visit Vienna. Known as a museum and a park at the same time, it shows the elegance and the aspirations of the Habsburg members.

It is renowned as an important cultural monument in Austria and is included in the World Cultural Heritage List of the UNESCO in 1996.

It was originally owned by the Habsburgs ever since the reign of Maximilian II. The end of the dynasty marked its transfer to the republic. Since then, it has played the role of a cultural attraction and a tourist destination. It has also maintained its place as a national gem and an artistic historical symbol for Austria.

The gardens of the Schönbrunn Palace has served as a major recreation area for locals and tourists alike. Its original form which features a Baroque layout as well as the improvements done during Maria Theresa’s last years can still be seen all throughout the gardens.

The Baroque design of the gardens of the Schönbrunn Palace was made to create an impact as a symbol of the imperial power in Austria. It also serves as an extension of the astounding interiors of the palace.

The Imperial Apartments of the Schönbrunn Palace had been transformed into museums. These museums pay large tribute to the imperial couple, Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth.

From being the a summer residence of the Habsburgs to becoming a cultural monument in the world, the Schönbrunn Palace is one of Austria’s most important contributions not only to architecture but to culture and history as well.

The wonderful garden, the splendid Baroque architecture, the cultural heritage, and its historical element make it one of the top destinations in the world. The beauty of the Schönbrunn Palace is undeniably one of the reasons why you should visit Austria.

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