The Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands main
Shetland Crofthouse Museum
Photo by: Dbachmann, Creative Commons

The moment you arrive at the Shetland Islands, you will feel as if you are in a different and archaic world. Every year, more and more visitors come to the Shetland Islands enchanted, because of the islands’ rugged beauty, rich colors, and breathtaking natural scenery.

The Shetland Islands is located northeast the coast off Scotland. Though the islands are part of Scotland, they seems alien to Scotland. Gaelic is not spoken in the islands, and they are never part of Scotland’s ‘tartan culture’. The islands are more influenced by the Viking culture, in fact. The Vikings have come to the islands one thousand years ago, but you can still see its strong influence towards the islanders in aspects of their culture and way of living.

The islands are inhabited by a mere 22,000 people and boast an impressive abundant wildlife, stunning coastline and dozens of ancient sites. The islands have been inhabited by people for more than 5,000 years and evidences of Neolithic settlement through the Bronze age and Iron age are found all over the Shetland Islands. They can be viewed in the islands’ many small museums and centres.

The Shetland Islands have one of the best and ideal waters for fishing, sailing, canoeing, sea angling, and diving. Every summer, thousands of visitors come from different parts of the world to the main port of Lerwick just to enjoy the islands’ waters. The islands have excellent sports and leisure complexes for the sports lovers and daredevils alike, where one can undertake bowling, golfing, cycling, climbing and pony trekking. If you love nature and trekking, you will love the Shetland Islands.

Visitors can reach the Shetland Islands by taking the ferry, or taking the plane, which they can take from Scotland, Ireland, Denmark and Faroe. Oh, and while you’re there, why not taste the world renowned Shetland Whisky?

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