The Spanish Riding School

A couple of horses at the Spanish Riding School.
Photo by: J.harwood , Creative Commons

The Spanish Riding School is a traditional school for horse riding in Vienna which also promotes classical dressage up until today. The Spanish Riding School is known to offer classical riding which is usually described as the art of riding with the horse rather than against it.

The school is located in Vienna near the Hofburg. It is exclusive for Lipizzan horses which are used entirely in the school.

The remarkable thing about the Spanish Riding School is that it is able to maintain the noble horsemanship of the post medieval ages.

The methods used by the Spanish Riding School are said to have been adapted from the French Riding Master, François Robichon de La Guérinière, who is one of the influential riders of the world.

The routine taught in the Spanish Riding School follows the concept of classical equitation, a philosophy that is written by Xenophon, a Greek commander.

The Spanish Riding School had offered performances to the guests of the Court. These appearances were opened to public viewing to provide for the school’s upkeep during the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918.

The performances today have been even more comprehensive. It now shows a demonstration of all the phases of training.

Riders of the Spanish Riding School wear the traditional brown tailcoat, bicorne hat, white breeches, white suede gloves, and black boots. This empire style of clothing has long been the uniform of the school and has remained unchanged for 2 centuries.

The Imperial Summer Fête is a celebration within and around the Spanish Riding School that gives life and color to the summer in Vienna. It is a wonderful show that promotes and allows the Spanish Riding School to open its doors to the locals and the tourists and at the same time breathe life into the festivities while reliving old Viennese traditions.

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