The Todra Gorge

The Todra Gorge 400
The Todra Gorge
Photo by: omad, Creative Commons

Nature lovers will surely have their breath taken away by a visit to the Todra Gorge. Todra Gorge is composed of a pair of sheer cliffs 950ft high, bisected by a corridor, less than 2000ft long, that in some places narrows to just 33ft wide. Partway through the widest part of the path, tourists can find a handful of restaurants and even a hotel where they can pass the night. At the end of the corridor, they will be rewarded by a clearing with a river running through it and red mountains on either side. Hiking along the path is quite easy, as the dirt road is well-maintained. Strolling along the road you can pass local nomadic tribesmen herding their camels or walking with their small donkeys. Worth a visit are the spring of the Sacred Fish and the village of Tamtattouchte, which is slightly off the beaten path.

Rock climbers can also indulge their hobby on Todra Gorge, as a number of pre-anchored routes have been prepared for climbers of all skill levels, from the Plage Mansour section for easy climbs to the more hardcore Sector de Meuk.

After they’ve walked the Todra, tourists can see more of Morocco’s natural attractions at the nearby Valley of the Draa, where they can watch the sand dunes constantly shift from the winds of Merzouga. It is worth rising early just to see the magnificent sight of the sun rising over the desert. They can then proceed to the Dades Gorge, some 65 miles from Ouarzazate. Many tourists feel this older gorge is even more beautiful than its sister to the south, with some of the most magnificent views the country has to offer. Aside from trekking along the path, adventurous visitors can also rock climb and white-water raft the Dades River. The Dades also has a number of small restaurants and inns where tourists can eat or stay the night.

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