The Vienna State Opera

The Vienna State Opera House at night.
Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

The Vienna State Opera is a Neo-renaissance opera house located in the heart of Vienna and was constructed under the controversial city expansion fund. A huge opera house in the center of Vienna, it did not gain the popularity that it was supposed to have gotten during its establishment. Its main architects suffered tragic ends, one by suicide and the other by heart attack, without grazing the completion of their work.

It suffered the bombing from the Americans during the Second World War and debate was made as to whether to restore it to its original state or to build a new opera house. In the end, the decision to reinstate the old opera house was made. In 1955, the Staatsoper was reopened with a performance of the Fidelio by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

The Vienna Opera House is the place where major artistic events in the country had been held. If you want to experience the rich artistry in Austria, a visit to the opera house will be a welcome treat. Whether concert or opera, you will enjoy a nice evening of unforgettable performances.

The best part is that the Vienna Opera House is open to children so if you want to introduce your young ones to a different artistic production, you are welcome to do that in the Vienna Opera House.

The Vienna Opera House also has an opera school for boys and girls. It aims to enhance the children’s natural talent for singing and allows them to share their talent to others through a matinee performance that is done twice every season. It also houses a ballet school for the ultimate nourishment of your children’s potential.

The Vienna Opera House had been greatly connected with the Vienna Philharmonic whose members are recruited from the Opera House’s orchestra.

It is the busiest opera house in the world with a comprehensive opera schedule that is said to produce a different production everyday.

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