The Wadi Rum

The Wadi Rum
Photo by: Paul Mannix , Creative Commons

The Wadi Rum of Jordan is a valley which has been cut and shaped from the granite and sandstone in the southwest area in the country. It is also the largest one in Jordan and accordingly the name Rum comes from an Aramaic word which means elevated or high. Historically, the place has also become the base for the campaigns of British adventurer T.E. Lawrence, also known in popular culture as Lawrence of Arabia. Incidentally, many Hollywood films have also been filmed in the area.

At present the moment, the place has been considered as one of Jordan’s key tourist attractions and gets increased numbers of tourist annually. Most people who visit the wadi are trekkers, mountain climbers, and day trippers, as well as people who have arranged for horse and camel safaris. If you plan to visit the area, the activities which you can opt to do include hiking, challenging yourself to difficult rock climbing in the unfamiliar trek, and camping during the night for thrill seekers. A high peak in the area is popular for mountain climbers because it is so high it can be covered by snow. The highest peak in Jordan is also in the area where the Saudi border and the Red Sea can be seen during a sunny day when the sky is clear.

The place has generally become wealthy and access to modern equipments such as wi-fi, mobile phones and other communication tools are available. Four wheel drives can also be rented to explore the place. Because of the influx of tourism, the place has become fairly developed and can supply modest necessities for tourists and visitors. For people who would like to arrange their visit, the locals are readily equipped to give the best service they can provide.
So if you plan to embark on another adventure, don’t forget to visit the Wadi Rum and you will surely have an experience of a lifetime.

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