Tidjika Palms
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

At Tidjikja, Mauritania you will be very sure that your decision of visiting it is worth everything. Do put this in your travel destination list for this year and make Africa your chosen country for travel. You see, in this calming place, you would be able to witness vernacular architecture. It only means that the forms of infrastructure were built using resources that seem to be very abundant there. You’d be amazed how these local villagers made their houses and other buildings – it really is an amazing sight to see.

Tidjikja, Mauritania is within a tropical climate so the houses there are cool and inviting that is why you will also get to see the same kind of structures when you look for board and lodging during your stay. There are no hotels so you will have to use whatever resources that are available for you. This makes your trip more fun and exciting since you will be able to really go down to the basics and get in touch with the bare essentials.

Bring very light fabrics for your clothing since the weather would be a little challenging especially if you are accustomed to cold places. Although the clear and pristine waters of their beaches would surely attract you to swim and be lost in time, just make sure you do not drink the waters since you are not sure if it’s suitable for your digestive track. Hospitals are quite far so attentive with what you drink and eat.

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