Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego National Parkf
Photo by: Karl Agre , Creative Commons

Tierra del Fuego National Park is considered as the final destination in your Northwest-Southeast Expedition. If you’re heading in the country of Chile, make sure not to miss the two types of forests that prevail and preponderate in the place, the Lenga and Guindo forests. If you explore the place some more, you will come across the great bays of Ensenada and Lapataia. Just like any other national parks, what makes Tierra del Fuego special and appealing to the masses is its rare fauna inhabitants such as red foxes, North American beaver, albatross, an atypical Otter known as Chungungo, parakeets, and firecrown hummingbirds among others.

To inform visitors and tourists of what Tierra del Fuego National Park has to offer, the following highlights of the place will certainly help you consider this National Park in your itinerary:

1. The black lagoon. This is mainly called the black lagoon for its dark colored water due to decomposed organic debris being deposited in the lagoon.

2. The lookout point. If you want to acquire not just good but excellent view of the different bodies of water with other mountains and floras as a backdrop, all you have to do is head to the lookout point through Lapataia bay just a few minutes walk from Lengas wood.

3. A close encounter with the beavers.
These water rodent species have the ability to build water dam systems by letting trees fall and create partly engulfed dens called lodges. This amazing creation does not only provide excellent tourist attraction for every visitor to see, but it likewise generates a great impact to the environment.

If you’re worried about where to stay at the National Park for an overnight or days of settling in the place, there are organized camping tents near the Lake Roca all for free for public guests to take advantage. However, if you’re looking for a more comfortable place to put your feet up, you can go to Ushuaia City and get yourself cozy in some inns and hotels.

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