Tikal National Park

Entrance to Tikal National Park
Photo by: mrgarin, Creative Commons

If you want to experience something different that will move your soul and spirit, you should consider visiting Tikal National Park. You can cover the whole national park in one or two days but the short experience will be forever etched in your memory.

Many people visit Tikal National Park because of the amazing ruins. The place was once a wealthy ancient metropolis with about a hundred thousand citizens. This is where the powerful Jaguar clan lords lived. The place was built by the ancient Maya a long time ago, around 600 B.C.

When you visit the place, you will be amazed by the ruins which include palaces, plazas, terraces, ball courts, avenues, ceremonial platforms, temples, and even steam baths. There are over 3,000 ruined structures in the park—proof that thousands of years ago, ancient people had lived in this area. This place is heaven for archaeology and history buffs.

Aside from the ruins, the place also has lush foliage and interesting animals that surround the ruins. You will hear squawking and screeching animals together with the swaying trees and whispering wind. The place is a cacophony of rich natural sounds. The place is surrounded by dense trees and you will find different animals like toucans, deer, macaws, parrots, coatimundis, and even a jaguar if you are really lucky.

Once you are done exploring Tikal National Park, you can take a rest in the town of Flores, a place with a scenic view and only a half hour drive from the national park.

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