Time Square

In the middle of Time Square
Photo by: snorpey, Creative Commons

Times Square is considered as the heart of New York City. There are countless numbers of restaurants, famous designer stores, electronic stores, a sea of cars and many very busy people. Times Square, which was previously known as the Longacre Square, is probably one of brightest places on earth. You may have already seen countless photos and videos of the famous square and you might even feel that you do not have to see anymore. It would be such a waste not to see the beauty and how glamorously busy this place in New York is. It is not enough to see the Times Square in movies and photos.

Whether you are a tourist or a native New Yorker, you should not miss the chance to go see it for yourself. There are many things that you can do while you are in Times Square. One of the best things to do there is to look for a great spot, a restaurant or a coffee shop, and just people-watch. If you have gone shopping or strolling the whole day, people-watching after a tiring day is the best. You will be amused by how each one of the people looks so busy and interesting. As one of the busiest areas in New York, you will get to see many people who have interesting personalities and looks. One of the must do’s when you stepped in the Time Square is to watch Broadway plays. Experience real and first clad theatre performances.

Times Square is a busy place. There are a lot of people and everyone is moving fast, so it is advised to look out for your belongings. Take care of the important things. It is better to leave really important things and documents in the hotel room rather than carrying them all around. And of course, do not forget to take photos to commemorate your visit!

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