Times Square in New York

Times square 400
Where? Times Square!
Photo by: Oquendo, Creative Commons

We all know Times Square for its New Year’s Countdown parties. Every year, residents of New York and people all over the world flock to Times Square to join in the biggest New Year’s Countdown party. Visitors book flights and hotels in the area as early as June in order to get good rates and be able to take part of the yearly event which is always jam-packed. Formerly known as Longacre Square, it has been one of the most iconic landmarks of New York. Times Square is famous for its huge neon, and now digital advertising billboards that are strewn on every building in the area.

Often called the “Crossroads of the World,” Times Square is the hub of New York City. Times Square got its name from the Times Building, the former home of the New York Times. As like many city squares, Times Square is all hustle and bustle and is home to many Broadway theaters as well which has produced major productions such as “Jersey Boys” and “Wicked.”

If you plan to visit, there are many hotels that you can choose from. Some may be pricey, but you are guaranteed quality service with the best amenities. You will never get bored when at Times Square as it is a cultural hub for almost everything especially its nightlife. There are many clubs, bars and restaurants that you can choose from to party and dine at. Vendors and shops also abound for the visitor who loves to shop. You will really never run out of anything to do when at the Square. However, since the area is always congested with traffic, people opt to walk around instead. Visiting Times Square in New York is a must; a trip to New York will not be complete without it.

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