An oasis in Timimoun
Photo by: Angeoun, Creative Commons

For a clear view of wide salt lakes and massive sand dunes, a visit to Timimoun Algeria is all that you need. Whether you live in a luxurious hotel, a shower-less bungalow or a small hut, you’ll have a wondrous sight of an oasis, and much more. Located on the Midwest of Algeria, Timimoun is known for its infrastructures inspired by Sudanese architecture, where houses are built out of red mud. These houses are built in such a way that they are placed one over the other to get as high in altitude as possible. Even with a climate comparable to the hardest summer, it is fun to visit the palmerie of Timimoun for shade and to catch a glimpse of properties which are marked by man high mud walls. The people of Timimoun, although of different backgrounds, are very friendly. They are made up of Black Africans, Cha’amba Arabs, Zenete Berbers and the Haratines.

Coming to Timimoun Algeria is possible with flight from the capital city Algiers, Bechar, or Ghardala. Getting by around town is easy through taxi cabs, bus and even hitch-hiking. Hotels in Timimoun commonly have great restaurants too. But what would tickle your interest more is paying a visit to the Grand Erg Occidental. An erg is a phenomenon where the desert sands become really endless and soft, and free of hard rocks. And the Grand Occidental Erg is one of the two dominating ergs of Algeria. Timimoun is one of only four cities that make excursions and visits to ergs possible. Being one of the best oases of Algeria, Timimoun will surely let you appreciate desert sands like you never have before.

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