Diving near Tiputa and Rangiroa
Photo by: tensaibuta, Creative Commons

The great blue waters of the South Pacific as well as its majestic islands are great reasons to pay a visit here. With the white sand beaches and the great atolls, no other place can beat what this place has to offer. Tiputa, in the island of Rangiroa is one of the better destinations for tourists like you.

Who will not wish to experience a complete escapade to bring you closer to nature? Here in Tiputa, it will not be the white sand beaches and the great resorts that will catch your attention. It is the sight of the life of the underwater species. Yes, Tiputa is home to the world’s greatest diving spots.

Tiputa Pass is a busy pass in the island of Rangiroa that separates the two main villages of the island, which are Tiputa and Avatoru. All great divers around the world know this spot as this is a great place to experience a fantastic drift drive. Here, your view will be filled with a generous number of hammerhead sharks as well as mantra rays. This is true especially in the months of December to March. Hence, if you wish to make the best out of your diving experience in the island, make sure to mark your calendars with those months.

This richness of the underwater life in the Tiputa Pass gave way to the birth of dozens of amazing dive sites. One of the best diving sites here is the Angle Dive Site. This is a spot that is open only for certified divers as they need to go down 150 feet to get a good view of the lively marine life. Here, you will find manta rays, stingrays, gray reef sharks, school of yellow ludjans, hammerhead sharks, and even striped barracudas. This diving point starts just near the angle of the Tiputa Pass.

Another equally amazing dive site is the Canyons. The perfect time to be here is every June as this is the reproduction season of the gray reef sharks. During this time, you will get a great view of hundreds of this shark in the canyons.

True enough, there are a lot of great diving experiences that await you here in Tiputa. However, if you are not much of a diver, you can also try snorkeling. If you simply don’t wish to get wet, you can get a ride on a glass-bottomed boat to get a good view of the underwater world. The water is so clear that even the 150-foot mark will still be visible while you are on-board the boat.

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