Tokyo Culture

Tokyo skyline
Photo by: Morio Creative Commons

The city of Tokyo, Japan offers a beautiful balance of contemporary and indigenous culture having borrowed samples from all around the world. The traditional Jomon culture of Tokyo is combined with elements from other countries including Korea, China, India, Greece and the United States. The result is an authentic assortment of customs with roots from around the globe.

A Brief History

For over half of a millennium Tokyo has been the economic, political and cultural hub of Japan. Each generation was taught the value of their heritage; a factor that has assisted in the retention of a majority of their ancient traditions. After WWII, Japan rose from the ashes to become one of the most prolific nations in the world and with it came the rise of Tokyo culture.

This economic recovery after WWII is largely attributed to the Japanese’s diligent nature and remarkable creativity. Unlike most world cultures, Tokyo is driven by the ordinary person on the streets. Every citizen plays an active and independent role, which not only ensures parity in cultural participation, but also enriches its diversity.

The Traditions

Tokyo culture is expansive to say the least. Traditional art with the likes of flower arranging, animated story telling, and origami stand out tremendously. This richness would explain elements such as manga comics or karaoke, which are popular all around the world. The city, through the Tokyo Council for the Arts, strives to provide funding and necessary support to foster talent and keep culture alive. Other world-renowned facets include delectable cuisines like sushi, festivals and observances, sports and much more. Tokyo is a cosmopolitan city and it would be rewarding to take some time to savor the dynamic and vibrant attributes of Tokyo culture.

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