Toledo City

Alcazar de Toledo 400
Alcazar de Toledo in Toledo, Spain
Photo by: tvquiero, Creative Commons

Toledo is 70 km from the city of Madrid. It is the capital of Toledo Province and is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its monumental and cultural legacy.

Toledo’s history dates back to the Bronze Age. It also served as the capital of the Spanish Empire and the city is coexisted with the Moors, Christians, and Jewish culltures. Toledo was the birth place of Alfonso X, Eleanor of Toledo, El Greco and Al-Zarqali.

Major Attractions

The Cathedral of Toledo
It was built between the 1226-1493. This cathedral was modeled after the Bourges Cathedral and it features about five naves. The entire cathedral was built of white stone and features ornamented interiors and exteriors.

Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes
This monastery was built by the Emperor Ferdinand II to celebrate the victory over Portugal Emperor Afonso V. The monastery was designed by Juan Guas and the construction began in the year 1477 and ended in the year 1504. It was built in a Spanish-Gothic-Flemish style. The nave measures 30 meters high and the interiors are lavishly decorated.

The Alcazar
The Alcazar is a large square building located in the outskirts of the city. It was built in the 3rd century as a military fort. It also served as a palace, military academy and prison.

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