A Turtle in Toliara, Madagascar
Photo by: Neil Strickland , Creative Commons

Toliara is one of those provinces in Madagascar that is very close to the country’s ocean borders, so tourists should expect to see a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. Many water activities also take placer in the area. Toliara boasts of two things –the place itself which is a remnant of a nature lover’s haven, and the accommodating and nice people who live in the towns within this beautiful province. The sea and the mountains surrounding the area are perfect for tourists who would like to make use of their adventuring equipment, including those that are meant for extreme sports.

Moreover, there is a shell market that is located close to the sea. The people in Toliara, particularly the women, love collecting the most beautiful shells on the seashore. Of course, they use this in order to spread the wonderful offerings of the sea.

In addition to the market, one of the highlights of Toliara would have to be its local museum, which displays many things depicting the culture, tradition and history of the place.

Tourists do not want to miss this opportunity of seeing the best of Madagascar, and possibly, the best of Africa.

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