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Torun is easily one of the most attractive cities in Poland. Located on both banks of the Vistula River, the city is very picturesque with its European architecture and beautiful mountain backgrounds. Torun has been at the intersection of the old trade routes thus making it a powerful city when it comes to trade. Torun has been an open city for more than 800 years now. It is such an old city in Poland and has generally a good number of traditional and Gothic edifices, particularly in the Old Town that won itself a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 1997. This alone is clear proof of the city’s ties with other cities situated in Europe that has been associated with the famous Hanseatic League.

Both its locals as well as its visitors say one thing about Torun, that it is beautiful. You only have to see it to believe it. Torun’s Old Town as well as the streets leading to it has not been changed for centuries unlike other Polish cities that were ravaged by war. Its so-called Polish Panorama, which is the part of the city illuminated from the side of the Vistula River, is quite breathtaking to look at.

Torun is the birthplace of the famous astronomer, Nicolas Copernicus. The St. Johns Cathedral, the place where Copernicus as baptized was a very popular tourist site. So is Saint Mary Church where the tomb of Anna Wazowna is situated and the Town Hall which drowned in blood during the 1724 “Torun Mutiny.” Indeed the city of Torun is very rich in history and has many places that foreign visitors consider magical.

Other spots worth visiting are The Leaning Tower, the Philadelphia Boulevard, the crowded Szeroka Street, the Dream Valley, the Old Town Market, the Rafter’s Monument and many other tourist sites you cannot afford to miss during your visit. To ensure a smooth tour of the city and not risk missing important historical sites, it would be wise to get a guided tour which you can easily access online. This way, you will not risk getting lost or wasting time over things unimportant making the most of your visit.

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