Town of Goslar in Saxony

Goslar is a town located in lower Saxony, Germany, and is the managerial center for the Goslar district. Goslar is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Goslar  is located at the foot of the Harz Mountains at a height of 763 meters. The lowest point is at about 175 meters and it is located close to the Oker River. The soil at the Goslar is mostly fertile, agriculture is the main source and sugar plants are the major crop.

Panorama view of the town of Goslar taken from the market church in Saxony, Germany
Photo from: wikipedia, Creative Commons


Goslar  has its history from the Neolithic period. Henry I, the Salian Emperor, founded Goslar in the 10th century following the detection of silver deposits in the Rammelsberg mines. The wealth discovered was what brought the Emperor to Goslar.

The Goslar Medieval Imperial Palace built in the 11th century and served as a residence for various German Emperors including Henry III.


The Odeon Theater is Goslar town’s major theater. The theater is maintained by volunteers and often hosts cultural events and comedy shows.


The Goslar town has several museums including the following

• Goslar Museum
• The Town Hall Gothic Museum
• Museum and Visitor’s Mine Rammelsberg,
• The Mediaeval Imperial Palace Museum
• Monks’ House, Museum for Contemporary and Modern Arts
• Zwinger Tower and Dungeon, Museum for Late Mediaeval History


Football (soccer) is the major sport, but motor sports, rock climbing, biking and swimming are also popular sports here.


The Goslar Festival is held in the month of July.
The Old Town Festival is celebrated in the month of September.


The nearest airport is the Brunswick-Wolfsburg Airport which is located 24 miles from Goslar.
The Hanover and Brunswick train services are available frequently.
Brunswick regional transport provides frequent bus services from the central railway station.

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