Transylvanian Alps

Transylvanian Alps 400
Transylvanian Alps, Romania
Photo by: peatc , Creative Commons

The Transylvanian Alps, or as Romanians would call it “Southern Carpathians,” is the mountainous territory of south-central Romania. It covers the part of the Carpathian Mountain arc from Prahova River valley to the break in which the Timiş and Cerna rivers flow. It has been classified into three groups of ranges. These beautiful mountains are more elevated, more blocked, and are closer to each other than those mountains in the eastern and western part of Romania, which means they are more exciting. Hiking these mountains would be the trek of a lifetime. And though they are close to each other, accessibility is not a problem.

The Transylvanian Alps reaches 360 km across central Romania from the Danube River at the Iron Gate. The highest peaks are Moldoveanu and Negoiu. The mountain range is composed of crystalline massifs. It has a very lush forest and people often know it as a place suitable for hunting. It also has glorious glacial lakes. Not only are these mountains popular as tourist attractions, but to scientists as well. And the natural landscapes of the some of the mountains such as the Parâng Mountains should not be missed.

The Transylvanian Alps have a wild side, but its beautiful meadows are serene with flocks of grazing sheep. Quite different from the Swiss Alps, this mountain range is known for its alpine landscape. The mountains contain valuable resources like coal, iron, and lignite deposits, useful metals in any industry. But they are most popular because of their ski resorts. And who doesn’t love to ski? Skiing at a very beautiful and magnificent mountain range is perfect for a holiday trip. Feeling the cold and rush of adrenaline coupled with a nice mountain view and a warm fireplace, this sounds fun for the entire family.

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