Trencin Castle view from a plane.
Photo by: srnec, Creative Commons

In western Slovakia, you will find its ninth largest municipality, which is the Trencin. This is close to the Váh River valley that is near the Czech border. There are more than 56,000 people living in the city that is known as the seat of the Trencin Region and the Trencin District. People who love architecture and history will enjoy the area that houses medieval castle, which stands on a rock at the top of the city.

It was not known when the exact time when people first inhabited the city. Aside from the Trencin Castle that is a common medieval fortified castle, the city is also popular for its Roman inscription on the rock that can be found on the famous castle, which dates back at 179 AD. The city’s past is very rich and it is evident with the places of interest that you will likely visit once you have arrived.

The Trencin Castle, which is the most visited spot in the city, is the third largest castle in all Slovakia. This has upper and lower sections that contain extensive fortifications. At the upper part, you will see some palace buildings that encircle the central medieval tower. This is actually the highest point of the city, so you can only imagine how it would feel like to be on that spot. The hillside can be found at the bottom part. At the old town, you will see a baroque church, some shops where you can buy gifts and souvenirs and a town tower. The city is also known for its music festival, which is referred to as Pohoda.

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