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The third largest municipality in the principality of Liechtenstein is Triesen. It has a population of 4,701 and an altitude of 648 meters. The municipality lies south of Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. It is positioned between the mountains of Liechtenstein and the Rhine River. Thus, a tour of Triesen will never be complete without taking a look at the beautiful mountains that surround the municipality.

The village has improved a lot over the past few years. It now has expanded primary schools and secondary schools as well as a school of music. They have also accepted different types of sports such as swimming and tennis. Moreover, this is where some of the country’s best sporting facilities can be seen. Although it is not as industrialized as Vaduz, the village also has its fair share of manufacturing companies. Swarovski mainly operates in Triesen. It also generates a lot of employment for the villagers.

Although Triesen is one of the most modern municipalities of Liechtenstein, it has a long list of history. Most of the tourist attractions in this area are historical landmarks. This includes churches which date back from the 15th century. Triesen has a historical weaving mill that has already passed the test of time.

Aside from visiting historical landmarks, tourists enjoy Cross – country skiing in Triesen. Looking for adventure? Camping Mittagsspitz is the place to visit! Riding a bike is a good way of exploring the beauty of the place. It is also the best place to take a mountain trip.

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