Photo by: thy, Creative Commons

Triesenberg is a small village located in the Principality of Liechtenstein. In fact, this village is inhabited by only 2564 people. The total land area of the village measures 30 square meters. The whole village is located high above ground. Depending on the exact location, it can range from 884 to as high as 1000 meters.

Picking an ideal hotel in Triesenberg is very important. You either pick a hotel that is near the scenic spots or a hotel at the village’s center. Hotel Martha Buhler provides its guests with a spectacular view of the mountains as well as the Rhine River. On the other hand, Hotel Kulm is at the center of the busy streets of Triesenberg.

Most people visit Triesenberg as a stop over who are planning to go up the mountains. But most of them decide to stay for a few more days in Triesenberg after getting a sight of the breathtaking views. Within this village are two of the most popular ski resorts in Liechtenstein namely Steg and Malbun. Triesenberg’s location does not hinder it from providing visitors with the best amenities. Although it is on the side of the mountain, it has a lot of hotels, restaurants, winter sporting facilities, and a football complex. The village’s agricultural economy used to rely only on dairy. But these days, the villagers have found their way to different manufacturing industries which are mostly out of town.

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