Citadel of Raymond de St. Gilles in Tripoli
Photo by: martijn.munneke, Creative Commons

Three cities in one. This is quite an odd depiction of a great city that had played a very important part in world history. Tripoli may have gotten its name since several empires at the past have ruled this place all at the same time and established their own metropolitan area. But more to its bizarre name, this city takes pride in its tourist’s destinations that will make anyone enjoy his or her stay here.

A visit in this ancient city will leave anyone in total admiration. The scenic view of the historical district and the ruins of the great empires are all but beautiful reminders of the rich past of this city. Through the uncomplicated ways of the local folks, one can discern that the cultural values were well-preserved. While the distinctive dining experience in this place with some of the most delectable dishes in the world will leave anyone craving for more. Truly, this city is a haven where ancient and contemporary lifestyle meets halfway.

There are hundreds of sites to behold in Tripoli. Some are huge edifices, while others are products of modern-day creativity. Some of these tourist’s spots include the following:

The Mansouri Great Mosque. This wonderful piece of architecture stands proud with its unique exterior design and colorful stone pieces in the interior. It is home to religious activities of the local folks, as well as one of the key destinations of pilgrims around the world.

Abu Ali River. This small body of water is not only an invigorating site, especially when the city is blazing at high temperature during the summer season. A stroll along the river banks will give anyone a chance to take a clear and scenic view of the town.

El Ma’rad. For many tourists, it is a breathtaking park that combines modern-day architecture with natural flavors. The place is covered with green grass and there are many fig trees and palm trees that provide shade. Moreover, there is a historical landmark erected at the center.

Tripoli Ruins. This is the site that reminds tourists of the struggles and the triumphs of this city from its rulers in the past. For centuries, Tripoli has been under different empires, such as the Persians, Romans, Byzantines, and the Arabs.

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