Seaport in Tripoli, Libya
Photo by: tarksiala , Creative Commons

Tripoli is considered the largest city of Libya, in addition to being the country’s capital. It is a well developed city, highlighted with Italianate style of architecture in their old establishments. It is also the primary seaport of the country and the center of commercial productions. For this reason, you can expect that the city has the busiest streets in Libya as well as many tourist attractions. Take note of the following destinations that must be visited upon touring around Tripoli:

• Jamahiriya Museum
This is the country’s national museum. It is home to many artifacts of Libya’s historical past including those from the Roman and Greek period of the country’s history, treasures recovered from their World Heritage Sites and the memorabilia of their recent political past.

• Gurgi and Karamanli Mosques
These mosques are the fruit of the local’s artistic abilities. Overall, it has a very good sense of architecture which is picturesque as well.

• Assaraya al-Hamra
This castle is also known as the Red Castle. It has a wide courtyard where various fountains and statues originating from the Ottoman period. The palace reflects the country’s rich historical past as shown in their architectural style of structures.

Aside from the above mentioned places to visit, there are still many tourist destinations around the city. After a tiring tour, it is advisable to visit the Bazaar where traditional products can be purchased. Looking at the cultural merchandise here can be very relaxing and interesting.

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