A church in Trujillo
Photo by: feserc, Creative Commons

Nothing beats a place where the weather stays warm and fair all year round. That’s why coming to Trujillo is one of the best ideas to consider for a long vacation.

Trujillo is the capital city of the department of La Libertad. It was the third largest city in Peru. Charming yet urban in nature, Trujillo has earned several distinct titles. This progressive city is often refered to as the “City of Eternal Springs” (“La Ciudad dela Eterna Primavera”) due to its favorable weather that can be experienced all year round. Trujillo’s consistent sunny climate is one major factor that contributes to the expanding tourism industry.

Beaches in Trujillo are very popular to tourists. Aside from the abundant seafoods and cool waters, these beaches are also known as hot spots for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. The Huanchaco Beach is one perfect spot for both surfing and fishing. Visitors in Huanchaco should also try the ceviche, a traditional seafood dish that is base on marinated raw fishes, as part of their beach escapade.

A visit to the awe-inspiring archaeological sites such as the Chan Chan citadel and the temples of the Sun, the Moon and the Dragon (Huaca del Sol, Huaca dela Luna and Huaca el Dragon) should never be missed. Trujillo is one of those Peruvian cities that are rich in historical records. These ancient ruins are reminiscent of the great pre-Inca cultures, the Mochica and the Chimú. The pre-colonial city of Chan Chan is located at the fringes of the city. Built in adobe, the remains of the Chan Chan city include walls, courtyards and temples. The presence of these ruins further indicates that the early inhabitants of Peru have advance civilizations long before the Spaniards came to claim the land.

Trujillo is also known for its active cultural participation. In fact, it received the title of “National Marinera Capital” because of the city’s campaign to preserve and practice the famous marinera dance. This is a Peruvian dance where barefooted women on their white lace skirts swirl and spin to the music. Trujillo holds an annual National Marinera Contest every March.

Other festivities that are yearly observed in the city are the International Spring Festival, competition of “Caballos de Paso” and the exhibition of “Caballitos de Totora”. For the best Peruvian getaway, tourists are advised to visit Trujillo during one of these festivities.

Indeed, Trujillo is a place where everything is abundant. It has great marine resources, archaeological sites and remarkable traditions that are worth sharing to others. Above all, this Peruvian city has abundant sunny days that most visitors will surely enjoy.

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