Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park Elephant pulling down a branch
Photo by: dougwoods, Creative Commons

At 22,000 square kilometers, Tsavo National Park in Kenya is the largest in the world. This attracts tourists from every corner in the world. Like the Masai Mara Reserve, it is the ultimate place to be one with wilderness. It is the perfect place for educational trips. Tsavo also provides a sense of solitude and calmness, perfect for retreats and meditation.

The National Park is divided into two, by the A109 highway, for easier management. Both sides serve as homes to hundreds of wild life species. The park is perfect for spotting bird species too.

The Tsavo East is known for its large herds of elephants. People can see groups of buffaloes, having a thousand in a herd. Its hills are covered with scrub. The savannah on the East is best for game viewing. From a distance, lions can be spotted near the Aruba Dam. You can see the ecosystem in its natural form—without cages. You can see lions moving stealthily around their target preys.

The Tsavo West, just across the road, attracts more visitors. This is because of its geographic features. The lodges here have beautifully designed infrastructures to provide better view of the volcanic landscape. The place has several antelope and hundreds of bird species too. However, the hills and bushes made it hard to spot games. This is why the lodges built artificial water holes. Now, that solves the game viewing problem.

People can visit the Lugard Falls and the Mzima Springs. These are the fresh water sources of Mombasa. The Tsavo National Park has lodges in it too. So there is no worry when you want the comfort of a soft bed, or the taste of Kenyan delicacies. Popular lodges include the Kilaguni Serena Safari, Sarova Salt Lick Game and the Voyager Ziwani Lodges.

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