Tuasivi – Falealupo
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

A tropical island that has an estimated population of less than 400 people, Tuasivi Samoa or sometimes called as Tuasavi is a tropical island that is located north east cost of Savaii Island. The elevation average of Tuasivi is -9999 meters and is believed to have -13.6667 latitude and -172,117 longitudes. This figure pretty much tells that this island is not really that spacious. But if it’s about tourism, Tuasivi has something for local and foreign beach to offer. The beaches are arguably the best known tourist attraction in this place, and is also home of some of the tamable waves in the country.

Tuasivi Samoa is currently acting as the government administration’s main centre on Savii, and also serves as Fa’asaleleaga’s political electoral post. Depending on the month you visit Tuasivi, the weather here can be very different.

Although this island is richly receiving amounts of rain and sunshine, sunshine dominates most of its month. Despite this dual shift in season, the island of Tuasivi still manages to grow land bound plants normally. There is also a small public hospital which serves as the island’s main hospital that has around 20 beds. This hospital is called Maleitoa Tanumafili Hospital and is located coast side of the main road.

In addition to this Tuasivi Samoa also has a small post office which roughly takes 10 minutes from north of Salelologa and ferry wharf. Overall Tuasivi is warm and pleasant, when you step out in the beach, its soft air and captivating tropical environment will be the first thing that you will notice.

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