Tucson sunset
Photo by: RickC, Creative Commons

With the scorching sun glaring at you from above and the numerous tall saguaro cactus littering the Sonoran Desert landscape, you might think that, somewhere along your road trip, you got sucked into a time shift that brought you back to the days of the Old West. You’re even waiting for the cowboys to come galloping from the horizon any minute now. But as you approach the junction of Interstate 9 and Interstate 10, the city of Tucson in Arizona comes into full view. You expect to see vintage saloons and inns, but instead you’re greeted by skyscrapers and posh hotels set against a backdrop displaying the five mountain ranges surrounding the city.

Welcome to one of North America’s oldest inhabited areas and the second largest city in Arizona, Tucson City.

A vast modern-day metropolis, Tucson attracts visitors of all kinds, from adventure seekers, foodies, culture enthusiasts, to sports lovers. Tucson has something to offer for everybody with their numerous top notch shopping malls, museums, golf courses, spas, and hiking trails among others. Relive the old town Tucson feel by taking a trip to downtown Tucson where most of the city’s oldest buildings and businesses are located like the Rialto Theatre, St. Augustine Cathedral, Pima County Courthouse, and the El Charro Cafe.

As you make your way to midtown Tucson, be sure to check out the shops along Fourth Avenue and Main Gate Square which sell unique local merchandise. Reid Park, the largest park in the city, is also located here along with Reid Park Zoo and Hi Corbett Field.

With Tucson’s signature warm summer days lasting for an average of 350 days a year and temperate winters, you can be sure to enjoy the different year-round attractions and events Tucson has to offer. Some of the annual celebrations you mustn’t miss include the El Tour de Tucson, New Year’s Competition Powwow, Tucson International Mariachi Conference, and the Southwest Wings Birding Festival.

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