Tuli Block

Residents of Tuli Game Reserve- Elephant Shrew and a multi colored lizard
Photo by: Nils.Woxholt, Creative Commons

If you have a desire to be in one extraordinary place in the world, your search is now over. The amazing topography of Tuli Block in Botswana can give you the experience of being in such a different world. Add to this up the various treats of the place, this destination is worth every time and dime you will spend.

Tuli is one of Zimbabwe’s River and the Block in the name refers to the piece of land between rivers that extends from North to South. Tuli Block is different from any other lands in the country because of its richness of rocks, pebbles, and stones. Though the area mostly houses private farms, there are still some parts that are best destinations for tourists like you.

For instance, there is the Tuli Game Reserve, which is perfectly situated between three rivers. This reserve offers you a good view of the wildlife with chances of being able to see various animals and birds. If you take note to visit this place during the wet summer months, you can have a spectacular view of the wildlife at its best. The months of October to May are indeed the best time to visit and experience Tuli Block.

So now, who will have thought that such an extraordinary place in the world can cater an abundance of wildlife? With the wonders Tuli Block has to offer, you ca be guaranteed that your safari escapade will get a good place in your memory and heart. So by the time you think of a great Africa experience, don’t forget of the wonders Tuli Block has to offer you.

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