Tunisian Dinar

The Tunisian Dinar is the official currency of the country of Tunisia with currency code TND. A dinar is equivalent to 1,000 millimes. The “DT” abbreviation is most commonly used to symbolize the dinar rather than the TND because of the common use of the French language in Tunisia. DT is from the French word “Dinar Tunisien.” TND is more formal and is usually limited to financial circles. The symbol “TD” is likewise used in a few locations but is done so less frequently.

The dinar was issued and circulated in Tunisia in 1960. It replaced the franc as a medium of exchange after Tunisia gained independence from France in 1956; the exchange is 1,000 francs = 1 dinar. The Tunisian dinar was initially pegged with the US dollar at 0.42 dinar per US dollar. This was upheld until the year 1964 when the dinar experienced devaluation (0.525 dinar = 1 dollar). Further devaluation occurred in 1971. Today, 1 US dollar is equivalent to 1.40 TND.

Dinar coins currently circulated today are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 millimes and ½, 1, and 5 dinar. The 5 millime is made of aluminum while the 10, 20, 50, and 100 are made up of brass. The ½ and 1 dinar are minted with copper-nickel and the 5 dinar coins are bimetallic. Bank notes consist of 5, 10, 20, 30 dinars. It is authenticated by special elements. On the notes are a watermark – which are digital designations of small values and a representation of the bust of Princess Elissy of Tunisia – as well as a diving strip (metalized) located across the note which appears as a line of dashes on the reverse side. Also, to protect against counterfeits, holographic strips are used.

There are instances when Tunisians don’t say the word dinar whenever prices of commodities are referred to. They would, for instance, say “khamsin alf” to refer to 50 dinars or “sab’in maliun” for 70,000 dinars.

Importing and exporting Tunisian dinar is illegal. Therefore, taking out dinar currency out of Tunisia is prohibited. When leaving Tunisia, one is advised to exchange all dinars on hand to another foreign currency. No more than 3,000 worth of dinars is allowed for conversion to another currency.

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