Turtle Island

If you are wondering where God lives, it must be in Turtle Island, Fiji because it is truly a place that can be called “heaven on earth.” Just the plane ride will make you think as if you have found paradise. The water is so blue and the place is truly breathtaking. Even the people are like angels because they are very friendly and warm and hospitable. The people alone would make you want to go back to the place every year.

You can stay at several hotels in Turtle Island, Fiji and they usually give discounts for couples or a group of people. While on the island, you can enjoy doing several outdoor activities like swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, horseback riding, and snorkelling, to list down a few. Of course, most of the activities there are water sports, which is just as well because you will never be able to take yourself away from their glorious beaches which have the bluest water that you will ever see.

You can all do these activities during the day and when night time comes and your energy has waned, you can relax under the stars and warm yourself near a beach bonfire. This lace will really make you forget about stress, work, and the worries of daily living. You will shed tears not because you are sad but because you are laughing so hard and you feel very happy, relaxed, and contented.

Sometimes, you even have to pinch yourself because you will feel as if you are in a dream and you do not want to wake up because everything is just perfect. But of course, you would want to wake up again because the next day is another day filled with fun, excitement, and happy moments.

You will enjoy nature at its best in Turtle Island, Fiji. Watching dolphins and swimming alongside them is an ordinary thing and eating under a blanket of star-filled dark blue sky is something that you will miss when it is time for you to say goodbye and return to your home. Even if the trip is a bit expensive, you will enjoy every bit of it up to the last cent.

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