Tuscan Countryside

Tuscan Countryside 400
Tuscan Landscape in the countryside
Photo by: Serge Melki, Creative Commons

The Tuscan countryside as most visitors have aptly described it, is a magical place where time ceases, and yet, after a day passes by it will seem as you have stayed there all your life. It’s because Tuscany feels and looks as warm as your own home and the locals will easily mistaken you as a family member whom you’ve known all your life. It offers its visitors not just a place to rest their weary heads and feet, but a pleasure filled environment that has all the best life has to offer.

The most endearing and memorable experience for most who have already had the luck to consider the Tuscan countryside as their home for the holidays is the sensation of consuming pure unadulterated and honestly good food. All the ingredients are guaranteed fresh and dishes are prepared with the utmost care and attention to the last detail. It’s just part of their normal way of life to feast on a rustic dish the same way it was feasted on by generations that went before them.

Accommodations are quaint and always a treat as most places that are open to visitors are family owned and personalized. And with so many available accommodations, especially during the lean season, you can move from one pension inn to another until you find the one that you would want to call your home. Whether you opt for a rustic old farmhouse, a renovated luxury hotel with panoramic views, or a modern design hotel in one of the cities, any hotel will guarantee you an experience of great Italian hospitality. And no two accommodations are alike, that’s why it can be viewed as an adventure as well, because you really wouldn’t know what you’re going to get until you see it yourself.

Enjoy the scenery and the relaxing natural environment that the Tuscan countryside can offer you. This is the perfect getaway for honeymooners looking to find time for themselves and also for old couples who want to put a spark into their love life.

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